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Low carb pancakes

After grinding my own almond flour I decided to make some pancakes this morning.


Low Carb Crackers

I make these crackers almost every week. I consider them one of my LCHF secrets. They let me snack with no guilt.  I always hated rolling out crackers, trying to get them the right thickness. It always seemed so hard and not worth the effort. This method makes it simple!


Bacon Cheeseburger Casserole

This was quickly thrown together without measuring. The following is my best guess but feel free to alter


Low carb burger buns

Burgers and sandwiches are staples in many peoples diets. However once you go low carb it is hard to find good replacements for buns. This is a quick and easy recipe for low carb burger buns. They work out to about 1g per bun (a little less actually).


Low carb corn dogs recipe

Finally figured out a great low carb corn dog recipe! Tried this a few days ago and added too much baking powder and didn’t flour the dogs before battering. Fixed that this time. These are great!! Highly recommend.