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Weight Loss on Low Carb – stalls

Tweet When I started Lowcarbing I weighed 204lbs (give or take).  At 5’7” that made me clinically obese.  To be honest, I never looked that big, never felt that big.  But I knew I was horribly out of shape and wasn’t enjoying life to the fullest.  So in came the Low Carb Lifestyle! Over the […]

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  June 23, 2011   2 comments

My secret shame: coming out as a low carber

Tweet I wasn’t sure I wanted to spill my guts this early in my new blog, but I want to build a relationship with anyone that comes by this blog and what better way to build a relationship than to be honest and open from the beginning.  Perhaps others have had similar experiences and if […]

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  June 21, 2011   No comments