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Kefta inspired pork meatballs

I was looking for an appetizer to make for a party and was feeling a little Middle East inspired. These meatballs hit the spot perfectly.


Low carb pancakes

After grinding my own almond flour I decided to make some pancakes this morning.


Low Carb General Tso Pork

I love Chinese food and while this is not necessarily authentic it is tasty and fills the void. This isn’t the easiest recipe but it makes a large batch good for a couple days. Served with fried cauliflower rice it makes a great dinner.


Low Carb Crackers

I make these crackers almost every week. I consider them one of my LCHF secrets. They let me snack with no guilt.  I always hated rolling out crackers, trying to get them the right thickness. It always seemed so hard and not worth the effort. This method makes it simple!


Low carb chicken cacciatore

This is a great warm comfort dish for cold winter nights. Serve with a big green salad and enjoy/


Low carb frozen cheesecake clouds

Posted this in my Instagram yesterday and got a bunch of people requesting the recipe. So here it is. Follow me on Instagram @lowcarbboy for more meal and recipe ideas.


Bacon Cheeseburger Casserole

This was quickly thrown together without measuring. The following is my best guess but feel free to alter


Cauliflower and ground beef stew

Comfort food at its best. With the cold weather upon us (at least in Canada) this stew really hits the spot.


Low carb cinnamon cake

Got inspired to try and make a cinnamon roll low carb. It didn’t end up rolling but made an amazing moist and delicious cake! Whole recipe has about 4-5 g of carbs.  Made the batter in my MagicBullet, took all of 5 mins to put together, 10 mins in the oven.  Yum!


Faux Mac and Cheese

Played with some cauliflower and cheese today and came up with a delicious Mac and cheese replacement.