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Set your Low Carb week up for success

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You get home from work at 5:30pm, starving and tired after a long day.  You were good at work, had a nice salad at the local salad bar and snacked on a few nuts in the afternoon.  But now you get in and think “What’s for dinner?

We’ve all been there.  You go to the fridge and you can’t think of anything to make.  This is precisely where having some LC basics ready before hand can make your weekday meals a breeze.

Here are three simple things you can do on Saturday or Sunday and store in your fridge to make dinner prep easy all week long.

  1. make some Low Carb buns.  There are many recipes out there here are two of my favorite:
    These buns allow you have make a quick sandwich or burger.  You can even grab some takeout and swap the bun for these low carb options (get a salad in place of the fries)
  2. rice and cook a head of cauliflower
    Having some riced cauliflower on hand has saved me many a meals.  You can mix it with some cheese and an egg to make a quick pizza crust.  Or just heat it up on the side of a chicken breast (or better yet a pork chop).  Or I often fry a little garlic with an egg (scramble) and put in some of your faux rice for a quick easy “garlic rice” side dish.  Great with stir-frys or even curries.
  3. Cook a big batch of chicken.  I will often cook 10-12 chicken legs (just season them up with salt and pepper, or any spice blend you like and bake them at 450 for ~40-45 mins).  These make great late night snacks cold out of the fridge or can be quickly microwaved to go along with your salad or cauliflower rice.  Chicken breasts are great also, and can be cut up for a salad or put on a sandwich.

One more thing, its not really a prep thing, but always have a bag of salad greens and a good selection of LC salad dressing.  Again this makes things dead easy and a no brainer.  Pour the salad in a bowl and add your dressing, instant side.

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