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Low carb-ing with your partner / family

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I, like many of you, am living with a partner that is not living the low carb lifestyle.  We are on a budget and I don’t want to be constantly preparing two separate meals, one low carb and one not.  I also do not try to impose my style of cooking on others, I feel once they see the results and are more exposed to how to eat LC, maybe they will think about trying it. So I have become very good at creating meals that suit both our dietary needs.  Here are a couple simple tips to save both money and time in preparing meals for those non-lowcarbers in our lives:

  1. Prepare a simple starch for the side that your non-lowcarb friends can eat.  For me its rice, mashed potatoes or pasta.
  2. Curries are great on their own eaten as a stew for the lowcarber (LCer), add a little rice for others
  3. Make a low carb pasta sauce and serve the LCer spaghetti squash or shirataki noodles for the LCer and regular pasta for others.
  4. BBQ is a great option for LCers, just skip the bun for hotdogs/burgers or make some LC buns
  5. Make a few extra veggies for the LCer, while the non-LCer will fill up on starch
  6. Salads are great fillers.  Everyone can use more salad in their lives.
  7. Cauliflower mash can fill the starch requirement for many non-LCer as well.  Give it a shot, but make sure to make it tasty.  I suggest some cream cheese and lots of butter.
  8. If having a dip / appetizer, cut up some veggies or jicama for the LCer, and you can have some chips or bread for others
  9. Stirfrys can easily be made low carb, just leave out the noodles or rice and watch the sugary sauces.  You can cook some up on the side for the non-LCer.
  10. In a party situation, put out plenty of LC veggies, cheese, deli meats, nuts and dips.  These will be enjoyed by LCers and non-LCers alike.  If you must, include some chips or bread
My basic rule is, the main part of the meal must be suitable for both LCer and non-LCer alike.  After that, you can have an easy substitution for each.  Rice/pasta/potatoes for the non-LCer, veggies, salad or a starch substitute (i.e. faux cauliflower rice, shirataki noodles, etc) for the LCer.  With a little thought and not much extra effort most meals can be easily meet both peoples eating style.
I’d love to hear how you cook for the non-LCers in your life.

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