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Weight Loss on Low Carb – stalls

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When I started Lowcarbing I weighed 204lbs (give or take).  At 5’7” that made me clinically obese.  To be honest, I never looked that big, never felt that big.  But I knew I was horribly out of shape and wasn’t enjoying life to the fullest.  So in came the Low Carb Lifestyle!

Over the next month of being on low carb (two weeks strict induction then slowing adding more quality carbs) I started loosing weight, quickly!  By the end of the first month I was down to ~190lbs.  By the end of month two, I was about 185lbs.  However, that is where I have stayed for the past 1.5-2 months.  It is a little frustrating, but I know I’ve started eating slightly more carbs (some fruit, dairy, nuts, beans).  However I was keeping in ketosis.

This past weekend was my 35th birthday, and boy did I celebrate.  For three days I partied hard and went out to dinner with friends and basically “Carbed-out”.  LOL.   I didn’t go too overboard, but I was well above 50-100g of carbs I’m sure (although I rarely count my carbs).

This past Monday, the day I started this blog, I went back to near induction levels.  As of Wednesday I was back in ketosis.  Today (Thursday) I was back down to 183lbs!  Hopefully this is a sign of good things to come.  But I was happy!


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  1. Jenn says:

    Hi LCC!
    I am experiencing the same thing you talk about in this post.. I’ve been lowcarbing for about a week now and it’s hard to tell people because it’s like you say low carb and they automatically think stuffing bunless bacon cheeseburgers in a lettuce wrap down my throat every hour.. I try to explain the benefits of a low carb diet and how I eat less because I’m ACTUALLY SATISFIED buuuuut I live in Southern Cali with all the snobs lol so they kinda roll their eyes at me… I just can’t wait till I lose a substantial amout and then I can be all “BOOOYAHH!”

    • LowCarbBoy says:

      Keep at it. Get healthy. The proof will be in your measurements and blood work!!! Good luck! And thanks for reading my blog.


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