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The day after turning 35! Lowcarb renewed.

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Yesterday I turned 35 years young!  I thought a new year would be a great chance to start talking to the world about my experiences with the lowcarb lifestyle, lowcarb recipes and hopefully share my “lowcarb weightloss” as it happens.

Approx. 3-4 months ago I decided to give the “lowcarb thing” a try.  I am a chemist by training and like to consider myself pretty intelligent scientifically speaking.  So when I made this decision I first started by getting the Audiobook version of “Dr. Atkin’s New Diet Revolution”.  To be honest I never believed I would go totally low carb, I assumed I would just cut out highly processed food, sugar, and white bread/pasta.  Which was exactly what I did for the first week while I read the Atkin’s diet book.

However, the more I read, the more it started making sense to me.  I started going to forums, blogs, wiki’s, google and absorbing more and more information on low carb diets, low carb recipes, low carb lifestyles.  I’ve become a believer in this as a real sustainable long term diet solution. 

It hasn’t all been great, while I have up to this point lost ~20-25lbs (YAY!) I have been pretty stagnant for the last 1.5 months.  But the recipes I have found/created have kept me interested and motivated to continue.  This blog will hopefully be my place to meet new lowcarbers, exchange recipes, share the lowcarb information I’ve acquired and perhaps help others out there that might be struggling as I was.  I have a tonne of stories I’d love to share and I hope over the coming days I will get these stories out.  Please comment and help me start a bit of a community here.

I’ll be posting weight loss results (or non-results) and maybe I’ll get the courage to start posting some videos as well as time goes on.  Thanks for reading and lets start changing minds and dropping pounds – together!

Darryl – aka LowCarbBoy  

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