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My secret shame: coming out as a low carber

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I wasn’t sure I wanted to spill my guts this early in my new blog, but I want to build a relationship with anyone that comes by this blog and what better way to build a relationship than to be honest and open from the beginning.  Perhaps others have had similar experiences and if so, please fill out a comment below and share!

I started doing lowcarb back in Feb 2011.  At the time I was 204lbs, far above the 165 I am currently aiming for.  I was addicted to Pepsi (5-6 cans a full sugar Pepsi a day or more) and Chips (Doritos were my friend).  I was actually on a weekend away with my partner in Niagara Falls and he said one night “don’t eat those chips, lets head out for a real meal instead”.  I don’t know why, but something clicked inside and I realized that I was replacing real food with Chips and Pepsi far too often.  I was overweight, out of shape and wasn’t really enjoying life.  I was sweating when we walked around, especially on vacations.  Overall I wasn’t happy with the quality of living.

I made the decision (silently) that night to go low carb.  As I eluded to yesterday, my initial goal was to cut out white rice, white bread, white pasta, sugar and processed carbs.  But after a week of that and a week of low carb research I decided I wanted to go full Atkin’s induction.  However, there is a stigma around “Low Carb Diets”, at least in my circle of friends.  People say “oh, that’s not healthy”, “your poor liver”, “you can’t sustain that”.  So for the first two weeks, I only told my partner.  I didn’t eat out, I didn’t go out to drink with friends.  I stayed home, cooked new recipes, enjoyed my food and stayed well within my 20g of carb limit.  I loved it, but I was still afraid to tell anyone.

As a scientist (chemist) I fell back to what I know, I started doing research.  I wanted to be armed for when I got the blowback from people.  I started visiting forums, blogs, videos, just overall absorbing whatever information I could find.  One video struck me as very informative and I would like to share that with you:

It is called “Science for Smart People” by Tom Naughton from the 2011 Low Carb Cruise.  Its a bit on the longer side (46 mins) but worth every second.  It helped give me the courage to go out there and start talking to friends about low carbing.

And you know what?  There are a lot more low carbers than you would have thought.  In my small office alone (~30 people) 3 others are doing low carb.  Of my friends, another 4-5 are doing it (to varying degrees).  The moral here is, Low carb is a lifestyle that can be very healthy and long term.  People fear what is different and that is ok.  Knowledge helps break through that fear.  Over the coming days I hope to share some of my understanding of low carb.  Please feel free to discuss what I say, I am not an expert, I just interpret what I read and research.  I could be wrong and I would appreicate your input.


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