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Low carb cinnamon cake

Got inspired to try and make a cinnamon roll low carb. It didn’t end up rolling but made an amazing moist and delicious cake! Whole recipe has about... 

Faux Mac and Cheese

Played with some cauliflower and cheese today and came up with a delicious Mac and cheese replacement. Low Carb Faux “Mac” and Cheese –... 

Low carb “honey” garlic pork riblets

These riblets are amazing! Easy to make, but does take some time (1-1.5 hrs). Good with faux cauliflower rice. Low carb honey garlic riblets 1-2 lbs pork... 

Low carb mushroom stroganoff

This dish came about when I wanted to use up some mushrooms. Loved it! Low carb mushroom stroganoff 230g (8oz) cremini mushrooms 3 tbs butter 1 small... 

Low carb blueberry cheesecake

I’ve made no-bake cheesecake in the past but this was my first attempt at a baked cheesecake. I think it came out really well. Low carb blueberry... 

Low carb burger buns

Burgers and sandwiches are staples in many peoples diets. However once you go low carb it is hard to find good replacements for buns. This is a quick and... 

Spicy grilled pork with pesto hominy

I recently discovered that Mexican hominy (not the normal hominy, read the label) is low carb, with only 4g of net carbs per 1/2 cup. This was the result: Low... 

Low carb nachos

Nachos are one of those snacks many people miss when following a low carb lifestyle.  Well with these soy bean sheets, you no longer have to.  These... 

Low carb chorizo mussels in white wine sauce

Mussels are something many people don’t think about making at home.  But they are super easy and very affordable.  One bag of mussels is only $5... 

Low carb pancakes

After grinding my own almond flour I decided to make some pancakes this morning. Low carb almond flour pancakes 1/2 cup almond flour 1 egg 1/4 tsp baking... 

Welcome to Low Carb Boy.  Here you will find information and experiences for those living a low carb lifestyle.  A major part of this site will be my low carb recipes which you can find by clicking the menu above.

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Low carb pancakes — 2 Comments

  1. G’Day! Lowcarbboy,
    Thanks, on a related note, i love protein pancakes i perfer them at 8 at nite cuz there filling an dnt get me hungry when its time for bes i only make them with 2 egg whites an a scoop of is that fine ? will i agian any weight ???
    BTW great blogpost

  2. Hi There Lowcarbboy,
    Neat Post, im on a low carb diet, i need a low carb pancake recipe preferably under 200 calories.
    ive read alot of other ones but i dont have the ingredients. like: cottage cheese, ricotta cheese, unsweetened apple sauce flax seed, almond flour…

    what i do have is: oats, egg beaters, whey protein, blueberries, banana, wheat flour, pumpkin

    could i make something using these??
    Great Job!
    Have a look this page>

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